Davis Wagon Services’ outstanding support through COVID-19

Davis Wagon Services is continuing to ensure maximum rail wagon availability for Drax and its respective hauliers through the Covid-19 crisis. The team that operate at the Ferrybridge facility, supported by the Operations team in Liverpool and the Head Office at Immingham, have worked tirelessly through this pandemic to ensure service continuity to Drax.

The pandemic has challenged the way that DWS operate day to day, balancing the need to carry out wagon maintenance whilst also maintaining social distancing and staff wellbeing. Despite the challenges, the team at Ferrybridge, consisting of eight colleagues, continued to be available for work every day throughout this Covid-19 crisis.

John Hall, Managing Director, said: “The operation at Ferrybridge is paramount to ensuring that Drax has the required amount of sustainable biomass. The flexibility of our teams across the UK to meet the additional needs that are required is testament to the culture within the organisation. We will continue to follow Government guidelines and take the necessary measures to protect our workforce, ensuring that we can effectively meet the requirements of Drax throughout this crisis”.

Mark Gibbens, Drax Head of Logistics, added: “At Drax we operate a fleet of 225 purpose built rail wagons to transport sustainable biomass to our Yorkshire power station close to Selby. Since being built in Mansfield these wagons have continuously been maintained by Davis Wagon Services “DWS” in their capacity as Entity in Charge of Maintenance “ECM”. The global Covid-19 situation has reinforced to us the importance of having reliable and professional supply chain partners, and DWS are certainly meeting and exceeding this remit. In order for us to supply power to the National Grid we need our wagons to remain in safe operation and DWS have successfully invoked social distancing and contingency measures to allow critical ECM activity to take place. I am very grateful for the dedication and hard work of all members of their team, and on behalf of Drax wish to thank all involved in keeping our biomass moving.”

Article originally featured on Rail Freight Group

Information regarding the current Coronavirus outbreak and our responses to it can be found here

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