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Every aspect of our operation is held to the highest possible standards. From the work we do, to the way we do it and how it impacts the places and people around us. That’s our promise to you.

Few things are more important than our customers, our workforce and the natural world we all share. That’s why we’ve taken every consideration to ensure our processes and methods of operation are carried out to the highest standards and comply with strict regulatory requirements.

Everything we do is founded upon a solid principle of Quality Assurance, as well as a fundamental understanding of our social and environmental responsibilities as a thoroughly conscious and progressive leader within the industry.

We pride ourselves on being environmentally focussed, ensuring our impact remains minimal while maximising the quality and integrity of our service delivery.


Accredited to ISO 9001:2015, quality management is key to our long-term strategy of sustainable growth and development. Within the framework of our quality management system, it is a continuous improvement that underpins our quality strategy.

We recognise that both customers and suppliers are key to the operation of DWS. We work with our customers to understand their expectations allowing us to provide a service that exceeds their expectations. We also work alongside our supply chain to ensure we can provide cost effective services with no loss of continuity.

We further recognise that our people are key to delivering the service that we promise, and our work force is highly skilled and dedicated. We work with staff members to empower staff and encourage personal and professional development, contributing to the success of DWS.


Our environmental management system is accredited to the ISO 14001: 2015 standard and ensures we always have an up-to-date legal register to ensure we remain legally compliant with UK Law.

Another key element of the system is our environmental aspects and impacts register. This details the impact of our operations on the environment, although this is very low it does highlight areas of significance for our continual improvement which benefits DWS and stakeholders alike.

A dedicated stand-alone environmental policy sets out the company’s commitment to the reduction of pollution and the impacts of its operations and forms the starting point of all our ‘green’ initiatives.

We understand that safety underpins all operations within our industry, which is why we’re thoroughly committed to the welfare of our staff, suppliers and customers.

DWS is now accredited to ISO45001 Standard for Occupational Health and Safety. The Management of Occupational Health and Safety is an equal balance of remaining compliant with UK Law and upholding our moral obligation to our employees’ safety while at work.

Our Health and Safety professionals are all highly experienced within the rail industry, which greatly helps DWS to remain at the forefront of freight vehicle maintenance with an ever-increasing safety culture.

The railway is an extremely challenging workplace from a health and safety perspective, so therefore the safety of our employees lies at the core of our everyday activities. Safe working practices are actively enforced, and our staff members are encouraged to stop work if conditions do not meet our safety requirements.

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